Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Corridors of St. Basil's

We are all familiar with the exterior of Moscow's St. Basil Cathedral but I've often wondered what the inside looked like. Could it possibly match the drama, the whimsey, the intrigue of the exterior? Recently, I had the opportunity to see—what a pleasant surprise! Each tower consists of a separate, tall and very narrow church, all clustered around a central church and joined by corridors. The interiors have undergone numerous restorations. I found the designs on the walls and ceilings of the corridors to be especially appealing.

The ornate central church on the ground floor:

A ground-floor ceiling under restoration:


  1. Hi Martha, I like this building very much and I kind of studied the architecture of the building using Google Sketchup. But what is missing in virtually every source is the interior of the building. I was very interested what is inside the towers - so now I know they are simply hollow.
    What about the main tower? Maybe you have also some pictures of the missing towers also.

  2. Hi Ernst,
    Thanks for your comment. I quickly looked at my other photos of St. Basil's and found at least one which may be of interest to you. I'll try to post that photo and any related photos in the next day or two. Unfortunately, I don't remember which tower might have been the interior of the main tower. I do remember being more impressed with the artful treatment of the corridors than the towers but much of the building was undergoing restoration and perhaps other towers are being restored to some former glory.