Friday, August 12, 2011

Lovely Linderhof

One of the most elegant and pleasant places to walk are the grounds and gardens of Linderhof Palace in Germany. Designed by Carl von Effner (1831-1884) for King Ludwig II, the Linderhof gardens enhance the beauty of the natural valley in a very comfortable size and scale. They are grand, for sure, but not overwhelmingly huge.

The king loved all things French and his palaces are inspired by many of Versailles' features.

I took this photo because of the interesting fabric shades on the outside of these windows. I like the looks of them but wonder how well they hold up to the weather and how well they provide shade on a sunny day.

This was King Ludwig II's artificial grotto, inspired by the Blue Grotto on the Isle of Capri and decorated to resemble an illustration from a scene in Richard Wagner's "Tannhäuser." Look closely to the right to see a waterfall designed to start and stop at the king's signal. In the foreground is the king's shell-shaped, cupid-topped, flower-festooned boat.

Further into the forest surrounding Linderhof, Ludwig II had a primitive log house built and decorated according to the stage directions of Wagner's opera, Walküre. The king reportedly slept during the day and spent many nights drinking out of horned vessels here, next to a huge tree in the center of the room.

Just outside the log hut is this lovely space:

Walking back toward the entrance of the grounds you can pass this magnificent tree!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Linderhof Couple

Not far from Oberammergau, Germany is one of King Ludwig II's three magnificent palaces, and said to be his favorite—Linderhof. It's his version of a scaled-down Versailles, framed for a moment by this delightful couple with their traditional outfits, his loferl socks—or Stutzen, as they are called in Bavaria (thanks, Markus), and their unusual umbrellas.