Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lovely Innsbruck

Snow and clouds surrounded Innsbruck as we arrived last weekend but by the time we reached the center of town the snow was melting. Although we could not see the beautiful mountains that surround Innsbruck, I found the yellow forsythia and the yellow benches of Hofgarten park delightful.

Copper domes and rooftops of old Innsbruck:

The countryside starts right behind these town houses that overlook the Inn River.

Beautiful wrought-iron signs, some centuries old, hover overhead all over the old part of Innsbruck.

Innsbruck's most famous landmark, along with their ski jump, is the Golden Roof:

The Rococco facade of the Helblinghaus reminds me of an elaborately frosted wedding cake. The three-sided windows were to capture maximum sunlight in shaded city streets.

A copper kettle and pretzels provide an appealing interior for this Easter market booth.

Other scenes from around town:

Some of the lovely, rustic vignettes from the Weisses Kreuz Hotel, on city records as far back as 1465. Mozart stayed here with his father for a short period of time in 1769.

These carved wooden stamps were used to roll patterns on butter.

I love these unusual antique Tyrolean lanterns of carved wood with mountain goat horns:


  1. Hello!
    I am coming over to Vienna in June and would love to speak with you about antique shopping/flea markets and authentic places to eat. I am an interior designer and love Cote de Texas and see that you do too.
    Is there a way to email you privately?
    Thanks so much!

  2. I'd be happy to tell you everything I know and, depending on when you are here in June, possibly show you around some. You can email me at marthainvienna[at]hotmail[dot]com. It's my email address for newsletters, etc. I don't check it often anymore but will look for your message and will then give you my main email address.

  3. Almost a year after you posted this... Thank you! These pictures are perfect. I grew up in Innsbruck and this is the way I remember it.

  4. Hi, Christina,
    Thanks for writing. Glad the pictures brought back some good memories for you. How lucky you were to grow up in such a beautiful place! Can you tell me the name of (or anything about) those unusual lanterns with horns? I'd love to know more about that tradition!

    Have a great weekend!