Thursday, April 8, 2010

Excursion to Kastelruth/Castelrotto, Italy

After World War I, part of the Tyrolean area of what was Austrian territory became part of Italy. Many of the towns and villages in South Tyrol, Italy still have a strong affinity for Austria and are known by both German and Italian names. We visited one of these lovely villages last weekend—Kastelruth or Castelrotto, meaning ‘castle ruins.’ What a beautiful village and setting!

The hotel we stayed at, Cavallino d' Oro, has two antique dining rooms salvaged from old farm houses. It was a very different experience to have our meals in this room and to enjoy the rustic, hand carved ornamental details.

The unusual bottle on the wall is a water barometer.

More of the great wood and horn lanterns similar to the ones we saw in Innsbruck (see yesterday's post).

Beautiful schüttelbrot ('shake bread'), named for the manner in which it is mixed, is a lovely anise, rye or fennel flatbread....but then I like anise.

Children in the Castelrotto piazza were selling colorful Easter eggs on Sunday.

These two lovely ladies graciously posed in their traditional dress... did this handsome gentleman.

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