Sunday, October 23, 2011

Love Lives Here

There is evidently no evidence that Romeo and Juliet existed beyond the hearts and minds of millions.  Yet, if you are in Verona you can visit Juliet's "home."

Hearts on the wall leading to the apartment.  Graffiti is a huge problem here.

The courtyard was packed with visitors when we arrived.  That's Juliet's balcony, thought to be a recycled sarcophagus.

What beautiful windows...and I appreciate this man showing up with just the right clothes and beard to add a Shakespearean flair!   

Tourists rub the bronze breast of Juliet, participating in the modern myth that it will bring  true love.

Others place locks with their names on them and throw away the keys as a symbol of their hope for everlasting love.

Inside Juliet's home.

Costumes from the 1968 Franco Zeffirelli movie, Romeo and Juliet

The Renzo Mongiardino-designed Renaissance style bed used in the movie. 
You can use a Renaissance-style computer to send a message to Giulietta.

View of Verona rooftops.

Sleek wooden "books" with quotes from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet dot the rooms.

"There is no world without Verona walls...."

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  1. Wonderful images in your Verona posts!

    Happy Sunday to you,

    I am leaving for Florence, soon.

  2. Thanks, Merisi...Have a great time in Florence; we can recommend a lovely hotel there:

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    This is really awesome pictures, I have never seen before this and the last one is one of my favorite from all your pictures......
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful pictures and post.