Thursday, October 20, 2011

If you're ever in Verona

I don't often focus on hotels but I'd suggest you write this name down: Casa Villa d'Arco.   Just outside of Verona, Italy, this is a very special place with extraordinary hosts and marvelous breakfasts.

Upon arrival, owners Roberto and Vittoria invited us for a cool drink in their garden.  We lingered till sunset questioning Roberto about his recommendations on what to see and do in the area.

The room I stayed in featured lovely antiques, a great oak floor,  beams in the ceiling and beautiful linens.

The romantic view from my room.

Vittoria is a fabulous pastry chef who presents her delectable treats under lace.

Now this is a great start to living a beautiful life.


  1. Oh, oh - sitting at the desk on a grey, cold, wet October morning makes the vision of a stay in Casa Villa d'Arco so alluring. You have captured wonderful details and colors, Martha!

  2. Thanks, Markus...If cameras could only capture the smell and taste of those pastries...

  3. Yes, Merisi...Ooooh followed by Yummmm.

  4. Verona is an outstanding example of a town that has developed progressively and uninterruptedly over 2,000 years, incorporating artistic elements of the highest quality from each succeeding period. So If you are planing for Italy then you must visit Verona.

    1. We found Verona to be delightful and have returned for a second visit. We hope to go back again as well. You might be interested in two other posts I did about Verona: and