Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On Lights and Light

As we walked past Vienna's glowing Cafe Central one evening...

I noticed these illuminated glass blocks in the sidewalk that provide daylight to the cellar below...

which reminds me of the great idea shipbuilders had in the mid-1800s. They would embed glass prisms into the decks of ships to provide a scattered light to lower decks. I'm thinking someday I'll put a deck prism into the roof of my backyard shed to get light into the space without electricity. Click HERE for photos and the full story about deck prisms and why a prism is more effective than a glass block. If you'd like, you can also order a reproduction (they happen to be on sale now). A friend of mine has one on his office desk. It makes quite a hefty paperweight and conversation piece.


  1. hi there, i'd like to use your image of the illuminated glass bricks in Vienna, to try and describe what refurbished bricks like this can look like. hope ok?

    1. Permission granted. Thanks for asking first.