Monday, March 1, 2010

Young Hydrangeas

I love hydrangeas and couldn’t resist buying this beauty even though it is still a bit early in the year. This one plant's flowers are shades of purple, chartreuse, blue, yellow, pink, green and white—so many colors on one small plant. They are gorgeous!

I’ve finally discovered and have been playing with the wide angle setting on my camera for a little different effect...that's why some photos are long and narrow. I know, photographing flowers is not a conventional use for that setting but I kind of liked the shape of the photos anyway. But this is not about technique, it's about finding beauty. The veins in these flowers look like ours...are we as good as the hydrangea in bringing beauty to the world? What a gift!

1 comment:

  1. Spring seems to have found you and you have such a lovely way of seeing it. Thanks Martha for all you are and all you do.
    Your friend, Terry