Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Treasures in a Paris Flea Market

During a visit to Paris last month, we visited an antiquites and brocante market at Place de la Bastille. I was intrigued by the unusual works of this artist/designer who decorates "old stuff" and creates fabulous new items. I especially liked this driftwood fish:

The woman in this photo is the artist/designer and I am mortified that I can't find her contact information. She was so friendly I promised her I would do a blog post on her work. [To the artist: My sincere apologies, and if you see this, please leave a comment with your contact information; perhaps there is someone who would like to find you about your work...and I would like to see more.] If you are going to Paris, you might find her through the markets organized by www.joel-garcia-organisation.fr.


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