Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fabulous Textiles at the Haslach Weaver's Market

I visited the annual Haslach Weaver’s Market today (it’s happening this weekend) in Austria not far from the Czeck and Bavarian borders. Urged to go by Ulrike Eckerstorfer (see my story about her work here last Spring), it was well worth the three-hour drive from Vienna. First, a look at a few sights in the pretty village of Haslach:

I must tell you that although I’m drooling over the work of these artistic weavers, I have not received and do not expect any compensation of any sort. I’ll provide the websites if I know them.

The very creative Sibylle Sayer’s displays her gorgeous scarves with their sumptuous textures, rich colors and intricate patterns.

The towels woven by Johann Kobler are both rustic and elegant. and

(The dark spots are just raindrops.)

Jörg Ballnath uses Peruvian alpaca to make fabulously soft, elegant and sophisticated scarves, pillows and blankets. They are far nicer than this photo shows. I could hardly stop touching these beautiful items.

Sonja Hochegger demonstrates a hand-held method of spinning yarn while Friedrich Hochegger shows how card weaving is done.

Pager Bernadett, showed me several articles designed by herself and others from Budapest’s Eventuell.

There was always a crowd around the ladies at Blauweisschen who were demonstrating how to stamp patterns on fabrics.

Other sights from around the market. These exhibits were too crowded for me to get a card.

The exquisite linens from Leitner were as delightful to touch as they were to see. This company has been in business for more than 150 years. It’s easy to see—and feel—why. I would think their products would be much more well known in the USA. True luxury.

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