Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vienna's Fabulous Drinking Water

Another of the great reasons for living in Vienna is its drinking water is among the world’s best. For quality, purity and taste, it just doesn’t get much better than this. Alpine spring water is piped from protected mountain regions to the city using the natural forces of gravity.

Yet, surprisingly, if you ask for water in a restaurant, you will be offered expensive bottled water that, in my opinion, does not compare to the taste of Vienna’s tap water. Ask for “leitungswasser” if you want Vienna’s fresh Alpine spring water...but be prepared for a less-than-enthusiastic response from your waiter.

When I was doing volunteer work for the Natural History Museum in Vienna, the then director, Dr. Bernd Lötsch, thought it was outrageous that this wonderful water was used for cleaning the streets.

Vienna celebrates its extraordinary water at a large, beautiful fountain at Schwarzenberger Platz.

Ironically, this magnificent fountain that celebrates Vienna's fabulous drinking water, is surrounded with signs cautioning you not to drink the fountain's water.

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