Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Signs of Bratislava

Daytrips and weekend visits to Bratislava are always a surprising delight. The energy, the enthusiasm, the artistic spirit, even the signage in the Slovak capital is inspiring. Welcome to Bratislava!

Can this stand be more inviting open?

Going your way?

Shutters with personality:

A dreamy headboard:

No comment:

What a great interpretation of cheese in wood:

Thanks, Elaine, for pointing out the shadow pattern on the brass compass:

Classic icon, but I'm not sure about the lobster:

Walking, talking, matching billboards:

Grafitti bridge.

Subtle invitation:

Celebrity gossip on a planter:

Antique wagons tour visitors:

A modern, sketchy facade over an old carriage doorway:

Painted windows:

Traditional sidewalk cafe:

Tweety, you're in the banking biz now?

Frantic walk n' roll:

And closed-ness:

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  1. I am enjoying reliving our vacation through your photos! I'll get my act together one of these days and start a blog. I did put a few of mine on facebook.