Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wings of Change

As the construction crew down the street started their jack-hammering and sand-blasting dust-making, the guests at Vienna's Fabio's Restaurant deserted their sidewalk tables and a waiter finished removing the last of the dishes.
With a slight change of position the waiter started to take on a fairy-like appearance with wings courtesy of a local bank.


  1. Martha, I came across your blog while looking for info on Vienna. I will be there with my friends this weekend, all the way from India. Looking forward to explore your lovely city. Do give some tips on how best to enjoy Vienna as we don not have time there.

  2. Thanks, Merisi, it was one of those get-it-now moments with only a split second to compose. I didn't realize there was a fairy-like event until I uploaded the photo to my computer.

  3. Not knowing what your specific interests are, I would suggest starting at Stephansdom, walking down Graben past the plague statue, perhaps pop into St. Peter's Church, then continue down the Graben until you reach Kohlmarkt. Turn left at Kohlmarkt, stop in for a cake and coffee at Demel's bakery, then into the Hofburg for a visit to either the Sisi Museum or the Treasury. Continue through to the famous Ringstrasse, perhaps visiting either the Art History Museum or the Natural History Museum, then walk past the Parliament to the Rathaus. On a second day, a visit to the incredible Naschmarkt (perhaps having a fabulous lunch at Indian Pavilion Restaurant at the Naschmarkt) and Schönbrunn Palace and grounds would be in order. A third day could be spent seeing more of the Ringstrasse and Hundertwasser Haus, designed by a man who is known for his love of Nature, bright colors, a distaste for straight lines and the saying, " You are a guest of Nature. Behave." There are lots of great concerts for evenings. Whatever you decide to do, have a wonderful time!