Sunday, November 20, 2011

Treetop Walk at Otway Fly

The privately-owned Otway Fly Treetop Walk is located in a rainforest near Australia's Otway National Park.  Previously logged for timber, the area has been allowed to regrow.  Only 50 years old now, one can only imagine how enormous the trees in the ancient forest must have been.  Otway Fly offers an opportunity to go zip-lining between the treetops, walk on an elevated walkway or follow ground paths through the rainforest.  It was chilly and raining the day we went—perfect conditions as the snakes would be snoozing and the rainforest would be rainforest-ing.

The blurry parts of these photos are due to raindrops and no matter how often I wiped the lens dry, by the time I took the photo rain would be back on the lens.  
Mountain Ash, the tallest of all flowering plants, perfumed the air with their eucalyptus scent and shed their red bark in long ribbons.

The walkways and tower at Otway Fly provide great views of the rainforest. 

I walked while David zipped through the treetops but I couldn't have been happier.  My slow, quiet time alone in the forest was absolutely heavenly.

The equally enchanting woodland floor is lined with large ferns in many areas.

Watch out for the dinosaurs in a special area kids will love.


  1. You really captured the beauty, Martha. great photos.

  2. You really captured the beauty, Martha. Great photos!

  3. Thanks, Elaine! It was a magical place and a thrill to walk through it. I'm going to have to find a tiny umbrella for my camera, though.

  4. Thanks, was like Paradise Found.

  5. I have used a shower cap from the hotel on occasion. You need a hole for the camera strap and then just lift the one end from the lens when you need to take a picture. I also have a store bought sleeve which I keep forgetting at home.

  6. Elaine, I love that idea! I never can bring myself to throw away a perfectly good shower cap anyway.

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