Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sights of the Season

Edelweiss seeds for sale.

The view of Kartnerstrasse and the Maltese Church from one of Swarovski's upper windows.

White trees with pink bows stand outside the very pink and white Aida Cafe at Stephansplatz. 
A fiaker awaits passengers.

The Freyung's Old Vienna Christmas Market. 

The City Hall (Rathaus) in silhouette. 
Christmas lights begin to twinkle as the sun starts to set.

Walking past Aida again, now in the evening. 
And from the front....

Stephansplatz with the modern Haas Haus.


A fiaker heads down Rotenturmstrasse toward Schwedenplatz and the Danube Canal.

Elegant arched windows on one of the side streets near Stephansplatz.


The Graben.

Kartnerstrasse aglitter.


  1. Oh how lucky you are to be in Vienna. I grew up there as a son of a diplomat on a mission. Now, at 38, I keep coming back. I couldent help but stare at the photo of the Aida Cafe on the Stephansplatz. My wife and I go there every other year or so to have a hot choclate and a strudel. It almost became our mission in life. We are just waiting for our next travel to Vienna. BTW, there's the Cafe Europa right in front. Highly reccommended.
    As Vienna and Austria are a part of me and since I my self am an Internet freak. I developed and launched a new site called , you are welcome to give your feedback, maybe even mention it in a post - that will help me succeed in delivering the message. I personaly love the photos of Vienna page here: . You are welcome to feedback, contribute or whatever. Let me know if there is something I can do for you?
    Hope this messages gets you in good faith and wish you a lovely and better 2012!

  2. Hello Yuval, and thanks for your comment. I'm off to get a strudel and hot chocolate at Aida! Sounds great. I checked your website and couldn't figure out how to locate available zimmers, other than three in Salzburg. I definitely want to stay at the lake in photo two of your home page. Where is that?

    Happy New Year!

  3. You're mean! I would kill for a shtrudel now. All I have near Jerusalem is a plate of Hummus with a Pita bread.

    The Austrian Zimmer site is new, so no customers yet...other than the 3 you saw from Salzburg.

    Maybe help get the word out....

    Waiting for your next posts..