Monday, May 3, 2010

Texas Fields of Blue, Orange, Purple and Yellow Wildflowers

Texas is known for many things but its wildflowers are one of my favorites of all the state's attributes. Lady Bird Johnson started a beautification project, having native wildflower seeds strewn along highways all across the state. The result, even all these years later, is marvelous. The state flower, the bluebonnet, is especially enchanting. Often you will see families sitting in fields of bluebonnets or on highway hillsides taking portraits of each other in a sea of these lovely blue flowers. Some of the following photos were taken from a car zipping down the highway. You just have to see miles of flowers to get the full knock-your-socks-off effect.

Indian paintbrush,another commonly found Texas wildflower, adds a dash of excitement to this bucolic scene:
Mixed with Drummond's phlox, they make a cheerful field or bouquet:

We must have seen 50 miles of Engelmann daisys outlining the highway in bright yellow:

Yellow thistles, abundant in many fields, create starburst effects when in full bloom.

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