Friday, August 6, 2010

Slovenia's Stunning Soca

Breathless. Slovenia's Soca River in Triglav National Park leaves me breathless. Its clear water, aqua color, limestone bed and banks...Ahhhh. I do love this gorgeous river.

Curious about how this river was created, (I assumed it was glacier melt but I was wrong) we found signs directing visitors to the source and decided to visit. I'll just tell you: It comes from a karst spring high on a mountain. While a trail leads you toward the source, I turned back when the trail became a cable along the side of the mountain face and there was not room for my feet, only toes. My husband carried on to the end but I turned back where the cable curves at the top of this photo:

I found a spot to sit and was thoroughly content enjoying the natural rock garden beside me...

...and the spectacular vista off to the side:

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