Friday, August 27, 2010

Windows in Vienna

During a half-hour walk we had several unusual encounters with windows.

The day before we were to attend a concert there, we took a walk to find Stadthall. I peered through the window to a deserted hallway and ended up with a photo I can't figure out. There is some kind of optical illusion going on. At the bottom you can see the reflection of what I suppose was Eric Clapton's truck against the dark floor but the sky reflection above the ceiling gives the appearance this hallway was outside. It wasn't. Hmmm. I think perhaps the black truck made the hallway visible through the window.

A big red chair serves as the logo for this furniture store near Stadthall. The windows have seemingly placed a grid across the sky.

As we waited for a tram in this same neighborhood an Ao Dai-clad lady gracefully climbed through a window and stood on the sill to clean the highest parts of the glass.

Nearby this elegant couple had coffee for two in a shop window. How very Viennese!

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