Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow in Stadtpark

Today was a good day to take a walk through Stadtpark, Vienna's primary city park. The Wien Fluss, the Vienna River, serves as a flood channel:

Pink winter berries:

Not far from this lovely spot I broke up a fight. Two German Shepherds were barking aggressively by two men as I approached. My thought was, "These two men need to watch The Dog Whisperer," and I decided to change my route rather than continue walking toward them. When I looked back, I was stunned to see the men were fighting—an actual fist fight. For a split second I considered taking their photo for this blog but instead, for whatever reason, without thinking, I yelled at them, "Hey! Stop!" Then, also without thinking, I made the peace sign. And you know what? They stopped fighting. The dogs kept barking for a few seconds but then all was quiet. It seems the dogs were reacting to the hostile energy of the owners, just like Cesar Millan says. By the way, if you live with a dog or ever plan to—or if you just want to learn something fascinating— I highly recommend the philosophy and techniques of The Dog Whisperer.

The Kursalon was where Johann Strauss, "The Waltz King," performed. His music is still played here in nightly concerts:

A festive archway in place for Christmas:

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