Sunday, December 26, 2010

Villach Lights

Villach, an Austrian town just north of Slovenia and Italy, is about a four-hour drive from Vienna. We arrived on a rainy evening to find the lovely village decked out in festive lights for the holidays.

The clock tower is a dramatic shaft of lights:

McDonald's has a pretty tree made of snowflake-shaped lights:

Lights along the Drava River:

Artsy lights provide a changing light show on a riverfront building:

While the Christmas market had closed for the evening, the punch stands were still open and hopping:

One very, very, very large tree:

Another tree in a different plaza reflected in the cobblestones:

Villach's ice skating rink:

Decorations near one of the parking garages:


  1. We have a "round about" relative from Villach. Reg's cousin's daughter is married to a fellow who was born and raised there. His parents and brother still live there. They were all there for 3 weeks just after we met you on our cruise! I enjoyed their photos of the area. I am really enjoying yours!!!

  2. Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und viel Erfolg, Glück und Gesundheit für 2011!

  3. Hi, Elaine,
    Thanks for your comment. It is, indeed, a small world, isn't it? All the best for a delightful 2011!

  4. Vielen Dank, Ric, und das gleiche für Sie für einen wundervollen 2011! (I hope this translation from Google makes sense to you).