Friday, February 25, 2011

Thumsee Twigs

I found this part of Thumsee intriguing with its shades of gray, a fallen, snow-covered branch resting on the frozen lake and similar twig-like patterns in the melting ice. It seems to me to invite deep thought. It's one of my favorite photos so I'm giving it the day by itself.


  1. Martha, this is really a wonderful image and certainly deserves being emphasized as a singular image.
    Very poetic, yet in a dry and not overly sweetish way. Do you know the 'Winterreise' - a cyclus of art songs along the topics and moods of Winter, composed by Franz Schubert for poems of Wilhelm Müller. Hear one of the songs here on youtube:

  2. I appreciate your endorsement of this photo, Markus. I did listen to the "Winterreise" link you suggested. Do you think it fits this image? It feels a bit heavy for my taste and for the feelings I have when I'm lucky enough to visit Thumsee. But that could be my own language failings.

  3. Martha, the 'Winterreise' for sure is on the heavy, depressive side. But when you try to see your image without your happy predisposition, I could imagine it would match the melodies and words of the 'Winterreise' - it does not have to, for sure. This is the fine thing with good images that they allow us to find our own niche in it.

  4. Interesting challenge, Markus, to find music to fit an image. Reviewing other classical music with winter themes, it seems Vivaldi's Winter and Tchaikovsky's Winter Daydreams are too energetic for this scene. My first instinct is to hum Enya's "Only Time"
    ( but I suspect there is a better fit in some New Age tune. Have you connected music to any of your images?

  5. Youtube says: "This video contains content from WMG. It is not available in your country." One of the reasons why I love the big players...

    Until now music and photography have not much connection for me. Currently it is not always easy to find enough time for photography (and processing) alone, and (a lot of classical) music is more providing an agreeable and exhilarating background, but it exists separately. Maybe a road to follow when there is a bit more time...

  6. Strange...the youtube file played fine in Austria. I wonder why it would not be allowed in Germany when it works here. I rather like the idea of connecting certain photos to music, not all, for sure, but one here and there would be an interesting exercise. It would be especially interesting to enlarge a favorite photo, find complementary music and experience the two together. Film does this all the time.

    Thanks for sparking the interest.