Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hyacinths and Life-Enriching Links

I had these lovely hyacinths on my desk and they remind me of the enormous richness of this planet. With that in mind, I want to point you to the right column of this blog where you can find links to some pretty amazing people and ideas that enrich my life daily.

The first section contains links to various news and travel sites about Vienna and Austria as well as a great blog, Merisi's Vienna for Beginners, which could just as easily have been placed under the next topic, "Photographers I Like." Be sure to peruse those links whenever you have time. There are some real treasures there. A special thank-you to the multi-talented Markus Spring of spring2life take2 for teaching me how to create that blog roll and for occasionally posting photos of my beloved Thumsee. Also be sure to check out the gorgeous works of Beatrice Lechtanski and Diane Varner.

Under "Good Ideas for Living," you'll find just that. The list includes a way to make microloans to small business owners in developing countries, the TED videos—always fascinating and enriching; the important and eye-opening series, The Story of Stuff, which everyone should see, as well as The Girl Effect.

Under "Design Sites I Enjoy," I've included links to African Sketchbook showing their gorgeous hand-painted draperies, the popular Cote de Texas, Walking Chair Studio and Gallery (see my recent post on them), and, my newest addition, the absolutely amazing, you've-gotta-see-it-now, paper art of Karen Bit Vejle.

So in the spirit of life-enriching people and experiences, I offer these flower photos to you and my linkees. Thank you and enjoy!


  1. Ah, those flowers sing of spring! :-)

    Thank you for so kindly mentioning my blog,

  2. Dear Merisi,
    My pleasure! Have a wonderful weekend!