Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vienna's Coolest Shop

Vienna has an impressive history of attracting creative artists and musicians who have defined "modern" throughout the ages. But if the works of Klimt, Moser, Loos, Wagner and the others aren't inspiration enough, a visit to Walking Chair Design Studio will convince you the creative spirit is still very much alive in Vienna. Not far from Hundertwasser Haus, on the corner of Rasumofskygasse and Marxergasse, Karl Emilio Pircher and Fidel Peugeot have truly turned trash into treasure. With imagination and design flair they invite us to find the beauty and possibilities in our discarded items.

Fidel showed me around the shop today and I was especially enamored of the surprisingly beautiful, cloud-like chandeliers made from water bottles.

These unusual torso-like lamps give a second life to pill blister packs.

As do these smaller lamps:

Beautiful! I know I'll be thinking about these lamps whenever I use or throw away a blister pack.

Did you know, these PET water bottles...

start out as a tube...

and, with a little heat, can be used as clever clothes hooks or coat racks:

"My First Chandelier," is a clever way to dress up naked lightbulbs.

In addition to their shop, Walking Chair Design Studio sells their items online ( and to art museums. It's best to visit the shop, though, as Fidel might treat you to a concert. "We make things and songs," he said.

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