Monday, March 21, 2011

Fine Folks

Creativity is a powerful force. I am delighted by folk art and the idea that hard-working people throughout the ages have found the time and energy to add beauty or humor to everyday objects. Seeing their craftsmanship and imagining the thought that went into creating them reminds me that I should be more appreciative of the things I have and more conscientious in caring for them. The Austrian Folk Art Museum in Vienna houses a splendid collection of such handcrafted items, including this ceramic peasant girl-shaped oven from Münzbach bei Perg, used for heating:

The ceramic tiles on this stove are a very efficient way to conduct heat. What a beautiful object!

Even window boxes were cleverly decorated:

I wonder how long it took someone to carve these chairs:

The museum includes this old room with its beautiful ceiling:

Even cooking utensils are decorated:

This lovely painted heirloom cabinet shows the great care taken by its owners:

Evidently this is an example of carved decorations added later to an plain cabinet.

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