Thursday, March 24, 2011

Short Stroll Down Lange Gasse

Home to Vienna's oldest bakery and, perhaps less historically but more importantly, our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Mexikas, Lange Gasse is the street we walked down to reach the Austrian Folk Art Museum (Museum für Volkskunde).

Ah! A sign that warmer weather is returning and thoughts of ice cream can once again be entertained.

Once in awhile, you'll see buildings that cross the street in Vienna. I'm especially fond of this old garage.

The grand sight of the Baroque Piarist Church of Maria Treu beckons and on that far left corner is the delightful Pizzeria Il Sestante.

It's always a thrill to see signs in this old German Gothic font, called Fraktur, which dates from the early 1500s and was designed by Hieronymus Andreae for projects with the artist Albrecht Dürer.

Art Nouveau designs enhance this Schönbron Park fence and gate:


  1. The plastic chairs in front of ice-shops are a bit kitchy but on the other hand they remind of sunny days which are coming to us:)

  2. Dear Ola,
    You are so right—very kitchy—but the thought of creamy cool ice cream on a hot summer's day is most appealing right now.