Saturday, March 12, 2011

Doctors Here Make House Calls!

Austria consistently ranks among Europe’s best in health care. Part of the reason must be patient accessibility to doctors. It has been our experience that when we’ve called a doctor, often he or she will answer the phone. When we make an appointment we rarely have to wait more than a few days and many times the doctors have seen us the same day. And this Saturday morning, we were grateful for a doctor’s house call! The charge was 100 EUR, which we thought was probably cheaper than we would have paid for an office visit in the States! What a great idea!

(The sign was spotted near the underground passage by the Opera.)


  1. I recently photographed the same sign with a smiley, at the Kärntnerring streetcar stop. ;-)

    Regarding healthcare, I wished there would be more information exachange about both systems, here and back in the USA.

  2. Whoops, did you post the same photo? Sorry if I copied you; if I did, it was totally unintentional.

    It seems there is a problem in the USA with not enough students being admitted to medical schools and, therefore, not enough doctors available to see patients in a timely manner. Health care costs are much higher there (in the areas we have the experience to compare)...probably to some extent due to supply of doctors and demand/needs of patients. We should have coffee again to discuss.

  3. Martha,
    of course you did not copy me,
    I never meant to infer that!
    I am sorry if I did not express myself clearly enough.
    I only meant to say that I had noticed it too,
    by chance. We both keep our eyes open, that's all it is.
    I never posted my picture. One fine day, when It fits into a theme and I remember it ...... ;-)

    It would have been so much fun if we both had posted the sign, but I only took the picture, and never posted it.

  4. Hi, Merisi,
    Oh, no problem. I just wanted to make sure you were not unhappy about it. It's bound to happen some day that we publish similar photos at the same time...might even be interesting to intentionally do that one day.

    Have a great weekend!