Thursday, February 23, 2012

Virtual Smörgåsbord

We were lucky enough to enjoy a fabulous Swedish Smörgåsbord.  Among the delicacies were reindeer, herring, eel, salmon and bear.  Yes, bear!  It was my first time to eat bear—a tasty dark, smokey meat. It's that triangular sliver on the right side of the plate.

Sweden's famous food hall, Saluhall, presented a delightful array of deserts.

Fish, vegetables and breads and even baskets were also delightfully presented.

The night before we left, a Swedish friend insisted we not leave the country without tasting their fresh Swedish shrimp.  She said they are, by law, cooked on the boat within 15 minutes of being caught and that they were unlike shrimp anywhere else.  What a great tip!  Sweet, delicate, incredibly delicious and 250 grams were not enough.  I took this photo when they were nearly all gone...too tasty to stop for a photo!


  1. Terrific food shots. Food and photography are right up there as favorite activities. Good that you got to sample the best of local fair and share it with all of us.

  2. Hi Jeff, You are so right! I might go so far as to say eating and taking photos are two starting points for a great life (at least for some of us)!