Friday, May 4, 2012

Mysterious Austrian Stone Circle

This mysterious stone circle (at least it's mysterious to me; I couldn't find any information about it) stands next to the E49 motorway at the 104.2 kilometer marker in Vitis, Austria.  It's about an hour and a half northwest of Vienna, close to the border with the Czech Republic.  Evidently Austria has several stone circles and some photos are readily available on the web, however, I couldn't find this one.  Perhaps it's new....


  1. A fine collection of standing stones be they ancient or contemporary. Perfect light in your photo to set them off at their best.

  2. Would like to say I waited hours for the perfect moment to take the photo, Jeff, but the truth is we were driving by and I managed to quickly snap two photos (the other showing the kilometer marker). Anything good about the photo is purely luck...but I appreciate your appreciation more than I can say.

    1. Serendipity happens to photographers who are well prepared to take advantage of it. That happened to Ansel Adams when he shot "Moon Rise Over Hernandez." He only had a few moments to get out his equipment, and couldn't find his light meter. He "guessed" at the exposure, and it was perfect for the only picture he could take before the light disappeared. You were there at the critical moment.

  3. "Moon Rise Over Hernandez" is magnificent...thanks for sharing that story; I didn't know that. Guess the moral is the old Boy Scout motto, "Be prepared" along with "You don't get anything if you don't try" and perhaps "See a penny, pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck." ;-)