Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another of the Most Beautiful Villages in France

La Roche-Guyon, France.  With threatening weather overhead, heavier than expected traffic in front of us and an airplane to catch in Paris, we didn't have much time to explore the village surrounding the Château de La Roche-Guyon one recent Sunday morning.  Named as another of The Most Beautiful Villages in France, we wished we had more time to visit this interesting village, only an hour outside of Paris.  Some of the homes have rooms carved into the limestone hillside. 

Residents of the original 12th Century castle demanded payment from travelers on the Seine River below.

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  1. You might not have had all the time you wanted, but your photos are still high quality. It is a pretty place.

    Thanks for your comments on my pictures. Liked the elevator with silver bins and a good sky which translated well in B&W.