Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Berlin's Fancy KaDeWe

Our tour guide told us that, when the Berlin Wall fell, East Berliners crossed into the West to see Grandmother (or any other long lost relative) and then go shopping at Kaufhaus des Westens, or KaDeWe, Berlin's large department store, giving the store the biggest economic boom since its 1907 founding. It was pretty fancy:

If you click on the photo you'll see daisy-like patterns on the ground-floor tables. These are the fan blades of wooden Christmas pyramids, seen often in German shops. Heat from candles cause the blades to rotate.

The store boasts a gourmet food shop and a "Winter garden"restaurant overlooking the city:

The buffet features an assortment of tempting fruit-topped desserts:

Across the street is their colorful shop for creative crafters:

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