Thursday, November 4, 2010

Berlin's Festival of Lights 2010

We happened to go to Berlin during their annual Festival of Lights. Even some carriages were lit.

The TV Tower, once a symbol of modernity for East Berlin:

The trees lining one of the most beautiful boulevards in Berlin, Unter den Linden (Under the Lime Trees) were transformed by colorful under-lighting.

The U.S. Embassy stayed bathed in red, white and blue while the Brandenburg Gate underwent broad color changes:

We found Berlin to be quite tourist-friendly. Projected on the Brandenburg Gate, for example, were facts about Berlin's history in both German and English!

This photo reminds me of a color negative, from back in the days of film:

Some of Berlin's hotels were competing for votes for the best light displays. The swanky Hotel Adlon, famous as being the place from which Michael Jackson dangled his baby, sported peace signs and ads:

I'm not sure if these buildings were doing anything different for the festival but I thought their lights and architecture were interesting:

Not festival lighting at Berlin's Tegel Airport but I liked the photo anyway, taken from a moving airplane. Tegel has a long history, notably for its role during the Berlin Airlift, but a new airport is scheduled to open in 2012 and Tegel is scheduled to close. Otto Lilienthal was an early engineer in glider technology who studied the aerodynamics of storks as a model for his hang gliders.

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