Saturday, January 7, 2012

Butterfly Balloons of Cappadocia

In a final installment of hot air balloon photos it's only right to show the billowing balloon that floated us up, up and away and a couple of her sister butterflies.  Thanks again to Mustafa and his very capable crew ( for giving us a safe, comfortable flight and to the Montgolfier brothers for their fine invention.

Does this image remind you a bit of the Turkish Evil Eye symbol? 


  1. I've always loved the way hot air balloons look rising in the air, but I've never flown on one. Thanks for posting more photos of your adventures. Love your photos looking down from the balloon. Great patterns.

  2. Thanks, Jeff. It was a thrill but in light of yesterday's balloon accident in New Zealand, I'll continue to be careful about choosing a company and a pilot and even then luck plays a role. I do love that bird's eye view, too!