Thursday, March 29, 2012

Curly Door

One of Vienna's many ornate doors, this one to a clothing store on Kartnerstrasse. 


  1. Dear Martha, thank you for the great blog that I have just discovered.I am impressed, especially with photographs.I am very attached to Vienna since I spent my best days there between 1981-1986, I Bezirk, Dominikanerbastei Str.). I have been living in New Zealand for over 20 years now but I use every opportunity to visit Vienna every time when I am in Europe.This was just to say hello and to ask you about the camera and lenses you use since I am in photography since my young days (you may have mentioned it somewhere already?).Kind regards from Patrick

  2. Dear Patrick,
    So pleased to welcome you and thank you for your kind comment. I consider myself more of a picture-taker than a photographer and have used a variety of Canon cameras. I generally keep a PowerShot in my pocket and sometimes carry a Cannon 500D with their 18-55mm zoom lens. I dropped my newest PowerShot shortly after buying it so sometimes it shakes (you may notice it in some of the videos or one photo I took at Stephansdom at Christmas (although I like the effect on that one). We enjoy living in Vienna so much. As you know, there are so many aspects of this city that make it easy and enjoyable. Glad to hear from you!