Monday, April 23, 2012

Wistful Wisteria

Empress Elizabeth, Austria's beloved Sissi, who suffered from an unhappy marriage, health problems and intense grief at the death of her son, travelled frequently and was especially fond of her palace in Corfu.  The wisteria blooming in the garden entrance to her courtyard may block the view a bit but add a colorful,  fragrant and soothing softness to the scene.


  1. The wisteria are beautiful. Never seen such large vines.

    Your Trulli hut series is terrific. What a magical place, and you were there with some fantastic light. The huts remind me a bit of the ancient bee hive huts of stacked stone in western Ireland. Keep enjoying Italy.

  2. Thanks, Jeff.
    Yes, they are somewhat similar to Ireland's beehive huts, but I think the Trullis are a bit larger. There is something appealing about stone structures but, I have to tell you, our room was quite cold inside, even with two heaters! Still...loved it and am so grateful for the opportunity to see them.