Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ice Skating at Vienna's Rathaus Platz

One of the reasons Vienna is such a great place to live is the number of activities, particularly free or low-cost activities available all during the year. The Rathaus Platz, the area in front of Vienna’s magnificent city hall, it the site of many of these activities. It seems there is always something happening at the Rathaus. In late January an incredible series of ice skating rinks and trails are installed for the enjoyment of Vienna’s residents and visitors until the end of February.

It is here my husband fell on the ice and broke his arm a few years ago.

Beginners can get the assistance of penguins to navigate the ice. This child hardly seemed to need help. She was skating back and forth with impressive agility and speed. You can see the wide-eyed fear in the penguin's plastic face as he clearly is pushed past his comfort level.

Skaters glide along a trail that points them toward Vienna's beautiful Burg Theater.

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