Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ahhh, Bled

Another of my favorite places, Bled, Slovenia with its crystal clear lake, a cone-shaped island topped with a church steeple, romantic wooden boats bedecked with striped awnings, a castle perched on an imposing cliff, and the surrounding snow-capped Alps is an amazingly beautiful, romantic and peaceful place. Slovenia has a surprising number of jaw-droppingly beautiful sights but, so far, Bled is my favorite village. Besides being famous for its scenery, Bled is known for its exquisite cream cakes. What a great, great place!

This sign says '1004 Bled 2010.' That's some history!

I was hoping to see the lake and the island covered in deep snow but that sight will have to wait for another day...just a light dusting here.

A tradition in Slovenia is for a groom to carry his bride up all 98 of these steep steps. The bride’s job (surely the harder of the two) is to remain silent throughout the journey. Success ‘proves’ compatibility and is a sign that the marriage will work.

Ringing the bell in the church tower is said to make your wish come true.

In a future post I’ll tell you about the day David rowed me from Villa Bled to the island in a boat the hotel loaned us.

What a pretty house! It has a view directly to the island.

The story we were told is that centuries ago, certain families were given the right to operate these pretty “pletna” boats and those licenses have been passed down through the generations and remain in the same families.

Houses on a hillside outside of Bled.

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