Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seemösl—The Black Mirror Marsh by Thumsee

One of the oldest conservation areas in Germany, the Seemösl marsh has been protected since 1936. In the summer water lilies (seerosen in German, or 'sea roses') of all colors cover this pond. In the winter the marsh becomes a rich, black mirror of the landscape.

Having seen Texas's mysterious Marfa Lights appearing from nowhere, dancing around, changing color, and disappearing in an open field, I'm fascinated by odd light phenomena. I understand that marshes sometime display a Will-o'-the-Wisp, when rising gases from submerged decaying plants spontaneously ignite in contact with oxygen. I would love to see that happen and will be watching this marsh closely in winter evenings. If anyone knows about such things and can tell me when conditions are optimal, please leave a comment.

Surface ice forms in interesting patterns around the reeds.

Steps lead from the marsh to a mountain hiking trail.

If the mountain in the background looks vaguely familiar you may be remembering an earlier post of the top favorite of all my favorite places—Thumsee. This marsh is just across the street from Thumsee. If you'd like to revisit Thumsee, please visit the archives for Freud and I Share 'A Little Piece of Paradise,' October 29, 2009 or click here.


  1. Martha, your images of the Thumsee are marvellous and truly breathe the spirit of this place - I am more than glad that the comment you left did lead me to such a treasure chest of inspiration and excellent craftsmanship. And I was astonished to read about Freud's relationship with the Thumsee, this was completely unknown to me.

    I will read more of your blog during the next days, especially as I am heading to Vienna for a business trip, which allows me half a day off for photography.

  2. Marcus,
    Thank you for your kind words; coming from you, with your great artistic eye, this is truly a compliment I cherish. What is hilarious is that I'll be heading to Thumsee in a couple of days...will probably pass you as you are coming to Vienna!