Monday, January 25, 2010

The Drogerie Eveline

An Austrian apotheke is like our pharmacy or drug store where prescriptions are filled and various other health and beauty preparations are sold. But an Austrian drogerie is historically where a specially-trained herbalist mixed herbs, oils, chemicals and other ingredients together to create a concoction that enhances a customer’s well-being. Friends told us that Eveline at Drogerie Eveline on Wassergasse had created a mixture of ingredients that was gentle and very beneficial in alleviating their family’s insomnia. I visited Eveline and Andrea, the friendly and helpful mother-daughter team that owns and operates Drogerie Eveline. Eveline’s father had founded the shop some 60 years ago and named it for his daughter. As she grew he taught her all he knew about the business and he sent her to the university to learn even more.

I was amazed at the drawers full of fragrant herbs (the mint was powerful from across the counter), the brown bottles and glass jars of chemicals, essential oils and even one large but empty jug labeled “Rum” on the shelves. It was almost like stepping into another era.

Some of those containers were beautifully painted:

The short, gray days of winter can take it’s toll on one’s mood and energy and I’ve experienced this effect more this year than ever before. Thank goodness the days are getting longer! Eveline quickly mixed a concoction for me that appears to contain rose petals, some sort of grasses, perhaps dried fruits, different flowers and other ingredients. She placed it in a lovely little white bag, gave it to me as a sample, and instructed me to let a spoonful steep in a liter of water for ten minutes before drinking.

I tried the tea and must report that I do feel better. Some credit surely goes to the tea but some also goes to Eveline and Andrea for their friendliness and kindness as well as their knowledge and talent. Human kindness can, indeed, replace the sun on a gray day. Vielen dank, ladies!

The next time I visit I’m going to ask Eveline if she will share the secret of her great, thick, healthy hair....

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