Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Psychedelic Drive

Paris, France.  Not far from Charles De Gaulle airport, this tunnel entrance is a work of art.  However, at certain times of day with the sun's angle just so, while driving about the speed limit, the play of light-shadow-light-shadow on one's eyes is almost painful.  Reminds me a bit of strobe lights from psychedelic light shows of the 60s without the slow-motion effect.  Not an experience you want to have while driving.  Good thing the sun's angle changes rather quickly, making the effect temporary.  This photo was taken on a subsequent drive through the tunnel when light and shadows were more diffuse and the journey much calmer.


  1. Rhythmic sun and shadow of the wrong frequency can trigger epileptic seizures in some people. Highly dangerous when driving a car. But your photo is an interesting one.

    1. Actually, I was concerned exactly that might happen to us or another driver. I'm a bit surprised nothing has been done to the roof to soften the effect. As I wasn't driving, I closed my eyes but even that didn't help. It was a memorable experience but one neither of us want to repeat.

      Just noticed the rain spots or bugs on the windshield. Ooops.