Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Through the Windowbox

Thumsee, Bavaria, Germany.  View through the flowers in a balcony windowbox.


  1. Now that is beautiful country. Not at all like the prairie.

  2. My mother taught me there is beauty nearly everywhere when we look for it and taking up photography has reinforced that idea. I know you aren't disparaging the prairie. It has its own beauty and deserves our affection as well as the mountains, woods, beaches, deserts, cities....There's a city in Texas named Grand Prairie and the story is that a woman in the 1800s got out of the train she was traveling in, looked at the waving grasses in front of her and exclaimed, "What a grand prairie!" and, thus, the city was named. I've yearned to see what she saw and your prairie photos are about as close as I've come. Now if you could just photograph the prairie grasses in spring bloom, please....

  3. Ah, what beauty before our eyes!

    Shakespeare's sonnet #18 comes to mind ....

    1. Had to re-read Sonnet 18. That's a good one, for sure. I also like Ralph Waldo Emerson's, "Earth laughs in flowers."

  4. The prairie does have a subtle beauty, but one must be open to it. Many visitors see only the horizon and think, "Wow, is this land flat." Your mother was a wise women.

    The prairie is in bloom through many seasons as the plants there do not bloom all at the same time. That makes harvesting prairie grass seed a problem. Can't be done all at once.

    Your photo is great and captures the variety and beauty of the land.

  5. Yes...if only they could change the punctuation of their sentence to "Wow! This land is flat...and beautiful."