Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wildflowers of Eagle's Nest

Built for Hitler in 1934, Kehlsteinhaus is moving past its history and is today a restaurant, reachable by taking a bus, walking through a long marble-lined tunnel and taking a brass elevator.  We went there partly for its historical significance and partly for its views, however, the vistas vanished as the clouds descended making it easy to focus on the beautiful Alpine flora.


  1. Looks like you have had another wonderful day. When the fog rolled in your wild flower photos are terrific. This is another great series. You turned lemons into lemonade.

    1. That's a nice thing to say and I hadn't thought of it in that way. In general, I know enough about the ugliness surrounding Hitler that I was happy to enjoy the flowers. Did miss the views which no doubt were spectacular but the flowers were more abundant and more beautiful than these photos show.

    2. That's how it is with wild flowers. Always more spectacular in person.

      While it isn't pleasant to dwell on Hitler's nastiness, we should not forget about him either. If we do, his type may rise once again, and I don't think the world can afford to do this again.

    3. You are right about that. It is amazing that anyone can hatch such evil plans when they are surrounded by such beauty in Nature. Living in Europe one can be reminded of WWII easily every day...the challenge on a personal level is to work toward peace and understanding to help ensure that we can evolve into a higher level of civilization, isn't it?