Monday, August 20, 2012

Bright Spot in the Reed Shadows

Vienna.  A blooming lotus discovered among the reed shadows on the shore of Vienna's Alte Donau.


  1. Ah, the lotus flower, especially the white lotus flower, is most important in Buddhism. The common Buddhist prayer translates as "the jewel in the lotus." The flower itself represents purity, spiritual awaking and faithfulness. The white lotus is a symbol of "bodhi" or being awakened, a kind of mental purity. The flower emerges from muddy water in a completely pure state. Your photo is beautiful on many levels.

    1. Your explanation is beautiful as well. Thank you so much for adding to this post. I knew it was a special symbol but had not known/remembered exactly why. As you know, probably far better than I, awareness of such symbolism and spending quiet time observing Nature can help us solve our problems with gentle insight and find peace in our hearts...if we allow it. I will think of this photo differently now and especially like the idea of growing from/awakening from muddy water into a pure state. Maybe it's not too late.

    2. The lotus flower is important to a number of religions. It is also an important symbol of purity in the Hindu religion and is a common feature in Hindu art. One of the messages of nearly all religions is that salvation is never too late. But then I keep coming back to your photo and have no other agenda.

    3. It may never be too late for salvation but how about enlightenment?

    4. Enlightenment is always possible so long as one has an open mind to new ways of seeing and thinking. It's rigidity of thought and calcified minds that block enlightenment, but salvation is a subject I know little about.

    5. I hear you, Brother! :-). In the months after JFK was shot I spent many hours in the woods with my grief. Eventually, two thoughts came to me from somewhere that brought some measure of comfort (and some mystery as this was not a concept that could have come from my 13-year old mind): We are all connected and we are each loved with a love that is greater than anything we can imagine.