Saturday, August 11, 2012

Austria's Geranium Window Boxes

Salzburg Open Air Museum, Austria.  An Austrian florist once told me the way to have these incredible geranium window boxes was to buy 7 plants for a meter-long window box and to be sure the variety is suited to the look you want, whether an ivy-style, trailing geranium or an upward-growing variety.  I will really miss seeing Europe's ubiquitously beautiful window boxes when we move home.


  1. Those are really happy, blooming geraniums. They must live in perfect conditions.

    When are you planning to go home? Not too soon, I hope.

    1. We will be here a while longer...haven't quite decided. Will have to find a place in the US where the weather allows geranium window boxes to survive.

    2. The secret to having geraniums survive in window boxes is to take then in during the winter. They do go dormant, and can be put back out in the spring after the last hard frost. That leaves much of the U.S. available, and choice might depend on other factors. Glad to know that your move is not immediate as I have greatly enjoyed vicarious travel with you, and look forward to a bit more.

    3. Actually we're thinking of volunteering at some national or state park for awhile after returning. Must figure out a way to have window boxes on our cabin or camper or tent....If geraniums can't live it is probably going to be too hot for us, too. ;-)