Saturday, August 4, 2012

Durnbach War Cemetery Gardens

Durnbach, Germany.  Reminders of war are common in Europe and as we drove by this Durnback War Cemetery, it looked different from other cemeteries I've seen so we decided to stop.  With gardens growing down every row, clearly, there is a level of attention and care here that is quite moving.

An inscription at the cemetery notes that the cemetery is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves  Commission "with the assistance and goodwill of the German people."  While more than 2,000 of the graves are of British nationals, mostly airmen, the cemetery also contains the remains of Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Indian, East African, French, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, American and unidentified service personnel from World War II.


  1. Very moving photographs. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Your photos, as always, are beautiful. These cemeteries show the devastation of war so clearly as each of those stones marks a life cut tragically short. Good to know that the cemetery is so well tended so there are people who remember.