Monday, September 24, 2012

Salt Marsh Reflections

Near Neusiedlersee, Austria.  A steppe lake that shows evidence of having completely dried at least 100 times, Neusiedlersee near Vienna is largely surrounded by reeds and is a popular destination of migrating birds. This area was quiet in terms of birds when we were there but we did see a Great Heron at a distance.  It would have been a wonderful place to have a quiet canoe ride around the reeds.  The differences in water color are due to the different directions I was facing.


  1. I also was out photographing lakes yesterday. Must be the season. Your lake would be a perfect place for a canoe or kayak, but take a compass as water and grass all looks alike after a while. Great photos.

    1. Yikes! That's a good point. I've flown over this lake and its reeds before and the reed beds are vast. The thought of getting lost in those reeds is pretty scary. Had signed up for an orienteering class decades ago but it was cancelled before it started. Still, now that you point out the dangers, it seems reed beds would be a tough test even for someone who had taken such a class.

    2. As a teenager my wife lead Girl Scouts on a canoe trip down a river in northern Wisconsin. They became lost in tall marsh grass for a couple of days. Fortunately they were equipped to camp out, but there were many worried parents waiting at the take out point. For the girls it was mostly high adventure, but a compass would have come in handy even without orienteering skills. The canoes went through the grass without leaving any sign that they had been there. These days one could always take a GPS which would solve the problem as long as the batteries lasted.

    3. I doubt I will ever forget your warning or your wife's story. Thank you for sharing both. You may be saving a life.