Sunday, September 23, 2012

Striped Bug on Star-Shaped Seed Pods

Near Neusiedlersee, Austria.  This striped bug clinging to the dried seed pod may be Graphosoma creticum except that they are supposed to live in Crete, not here in Austria.  Global warming or late summer vacation?


  1. This beautiful insect may be GRAPHOSOMA LINEATUM, but I'm no expert. The common name is "stink bug" due to the way it defends itself. Didn't realize they were suppose to be limited to Crete. Global warming is real enough, so suppose it could allow insects to live further north.

    1. As we know, there is sometimes a huge difference between information and truth. Let me say right up front I do not know what the truth is regarding this little stinker. I read the similar bug with a red body was graphosoma lineatum and this one, with an orangish-yellowish body was graphosoma creticum and native to Crete. I'm no entomologist...far from it...but on the subject of odors, just somewhat glad there are no skunks in Austria (although they are as cute as anything could possibly be).