Monday, September 3, 2012

The Fine Art of Meissen

Dresden.  Visit castles or palaces all over Europe and you are quite likely to come across treasured Meissen chandeliers, figurines or dishes.  Europe's oldest porcelain factory is celebrating more than 300 years in business and its crossed swords trademark is one of the world's oldest.  Today, the beauty of the products, as well as the price, remains breathtaking.  It's truly art.

At the conclusion of our visit, we stopped in the factory's cafe for a snack, served—of course—on Meissen's Blue Onion pattern dishes.


  1. Have you already been to the Augarten Porcelain Museum in Vienna? There are also very informative tours at the manufactory.

    1. Thanks for the reminder. We went there several years ago and it was closed for some reason. Must go back for their tour. I did take a photo of their downtown shop's fabulous ceiling of broken plates.