Friday, November 6, 2009

An Afternoon Walk

The weather is rather chilly and drizzling today—a good day to hibernate! Still, here’s a record of some of the sights on my simple afternoon walk. It’s unusual to see separate houses in the older parts of Vienna. I think this one is especially appealing.

The buildings on this street I would guess date from the 1700s. Note the old arched doorway where horse-drawn carriages used to pass through to the central courtyard.

The Palais des Beaux Arts with it’s fabulous stucco scrollwork. Judging from the large sign that says 1912, I’d guess that was when it was built. It now houses several businesses, apartments and embassies.

One of the old No. 2 trams on Vienna’s fabulous Ringstrasse, one of the world's most beautiful avenues.

I happened to walk past a wig shop but as I caught a glimpse of this wig out of the corner of my eye I had to stop and look again. I guess it's for when you are in that Mozart kind of mood. Only in Vienna!

Some elegant glass doors also caught my eye. Gosh, the days are short now. It’s getting quite dark by 4:30!

Christmas decorations are starting to appear.

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