Thursday, November 26, 2009

Vienna's Christmas Chandeliers

Every winter I can’t help but feel sheer delight when I first see the giant chandeliers hanging and lit over Vienna’s Graben. What a beautiful city! Cameras and camera phones appear everywhere and everyone seems enthralled. In years past, the lights were gold but this year they are a silvery-white color, perhaps an energy-saving measure.

I was running late for a meeting and headed down to the U-Bahn, the subway, when I caught a glimpse of these new lights sparkling in the sunshine. I had to turn around a take a few snapshots for you. Decorated with hundreds of crystals that reflect the sunshine in bright prism colors, they hold promise to be gorgeous at night as well. I was too hurried to get the glistening photo I sought but these might give you the general idea. Will keep you updated.


  1. I'll be visiting Vienna to see the Christmas markets this year. When do the chandelier lights get turned on? I don't want to come too early and miss them. What street are the other lights on? They are pretty too.

  2. Hello, Melissa,
    I'm pretty sure Vienna's street chandeliers on the Graben are on by first week of December. If you stand at Stephansplatz, in the center of town, and look any direction you'll see gorgeous Christmas lights. Then walk down the Graben and turn left at Kohlmarkt for an unforgettable view of the Hofburg Palace. There are decorations all over town. You won't be disappointed. Enjoy!