Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tulln's Winter Flohmarkt

Twice a year the beautiful garden city of Tulln, northwest of Vienna, hosts a large flea market. I am fascinated by flea markets—especially here in the Old World. These cultural time capsules give a sense of what people did with their time and it is clear than many took great care in crafting items of great detail. Later, this care and attention to detail was migrated to the manufacturing processes of the day. Last weekend Tulln held its winter flohmarkt. These are some of the items I imagine were crafted with affection and pride.

I love this beautiful old key holder.

Petit point needlework has been popular in Vienna for a long time. I can appreciate how long it must have taken someone to create this purse with thousands of tiny stitches.

Can you imagine the time and skill it must have taken to make these ornate beaded frames?

Look at this horse-inspired holder, complete with appropriate legs. (For Letters? Napkins?)

A carved Jugendstil (‘Young Style’ also known as art nouveau) frame.

This discarded costume from the Vienna Opera could be yours! Do, a deer....

These must have been popular toys at one time. There were several scattered throughout the market. A happy family of what—hedgehogs?

The elaborate handmade lace on this baby doll’s soft cotton coverlet indicates someone devoted thought, time and effort to craft a special gift for a special little girl in their life.

The lovely Bauernmalerei (Tole) painting here. Multiple colors are loaded on to the paintbrush at one time, making the painting process swift and efficient for the experienced artist.

Hand painted schnapps glasses.

I love the look on this carved woman’s face. Does it say contented love to you?

What beautiful details on this pocket watch.

Quintessential Austrian pipes. I promised the vendor I’d pass on their email address in exchange for taking a few photos. If you are interested in buying, leave me a comment and I’ll give you the vendor’s contact information.

An Austrian vignette—hand painted chest, a brass trombone and cross-stitch samplers, examples of what people used to do in their free time.

A pile of boy’s lederhosen.

This portrait of Franz Josef, the last emperor of Austria, in in an elaborate frame. If you are interested in buying, leave me a comment and I’ll give you the vendor’s contact information.

Isn’t this a dainty tea cup, saucer, dessert plate and spoon? I can just imagine Marie Antoinette (remember, she was Austrian) sipping tea from something like this.

Jugendstil light fixtures. I can see the connection with the flapper dresses of the 20s.

And my favorite...I really should have bought this. It reminds me of my own happy baby and makes me smile every time I see it.

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